Hunting, fishing and recreation in Byelorussia
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Hunting for a wolf

In territory of Belarus wolves widespread in this connection hunting for a wolf is conducted all year long. The wolf perfectly adapts to conditions of the severe validity: despite all-the-year-round hunting, number of these predators remains invariable.

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Hunting for a wild wild boar
If you the skilled hunter, or only the beginner, necessarily involves you hunting for a wild boar in Belarus. As hunting for other kinds of animals most of all adrenaline would be interesting hunting for a wild boar gives. A wild boar for the Belarus woods — an animal known. Is found everywhere, and in local places inhabitants name it «дзик».
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Seasons (calendar) of hunting. Belarus
Seasons (calendar) of hunting. Belarus

1. Wild Boar Hunting
2. Moose Hunting
3. Roe Deer Hunting
4. Red Deer Hunting
5. Wolf Hunting
6. Hunting for Fowl
7. Hunting hare, fox, beaver and other .
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