Охота, рыбалка и отдых в Беларуссии
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In territory of Belarus wolves widespread in this connection hunting for a wolf is conducted all year long. The wolf perfectly adapts to conditions of the severe validity: despite all-the-year-round hunting, number of these predators remains invariable.


Hunting season

On January, 1st - on December, 31st hunting for animals of any floor and age from an ambush, with подманиванием, from the approach, from an entrance, a shelter, including with hunting dogs, with ловчими birds Is resolved.


The price-list


Hunting for a wolf Cost, euro
Shooting 500
Wound 300


Materials on a theme

1. A photo of trophies of hunting for a wild wild boar

2. Cost (price) of additional services

3. The list of services of rest in Belarussii


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