Охота, рыбалка и отдых в Беларуссии
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Our contacts in Byelorussia
Our services: Fishing, hunting, mushrooms, berries, a bath, a sauna, etc. In more details about our services in section Our services in Byelorussia .

With the prices for services it is possible will familiarise in section Cost of services .

The address: д. Ручица, Vilejsky area, the Minsk area. Byelorussia. Settlement: д. Ручица. The manor of "Woman Jagi" is located on distance of 98 km. From Minsk, 12 km. From Vilejka.

Preliminary record by phone.

Operating time: 7 days in a week.

Ph.: the international format +375 33 3142487 or (8 10 375 33 3142487) or (00 375 33 3142487).
MTS communications service provider in Belarussii 3142487

Yours faithfully, Elena.