Охота, рыбалка и отдых в Беларуссии
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Our services in Byelorussia
We offer you:

- Hunting in the HUNTING GROUNDS, VILEJSKY And SMORGONSKY AREA. We offer various kinds of seasonal hunting for an elk, a wild boar, Roe Deer, a wolf, a fox, a hare, a wood-grouse, a black grouse, a goose, a duck, a woodcock, etc.

- Fishing (the river, and as in a reservoir in manor territory)

- Bicycle walks

- Home cuisine (fresh rural milk, cottage cheese, cheese, oil, and pies, etc.)

- Rest at water (the river and a reservoir in manor territory)

- The pedestrian walks in cinema places (fields, wood, the hinged bridge)

- Gathering of mushrooms, berries and grasses, etc.

Economic services

- The house on capacity of 7 persons, (2 rooms and 1 kitchen).

- A bath on 7 persons (Souls)

- An arbour in territory of manor near a reservoir.

Additional services:
In the entertaining purposes Woman Jaga will acquaint you with the present Belarus plots and guessings.

You will feel warm hospitality and not forgotten impression of local fantastic places.