Охота, рыбалка и отдых в Беларуссии
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Cost (price) of services on hunting and fishing Belarus
Value (price) services to agri-tourism, hunting and fishing here in Byelorussia.

For questions please contact us. Our contacts in the Republic of Belarus.

Services    Value (price),    euro
Obtaining permission to import weapons (per unit. Weapons) 50
Accommodation (per person per night) 50
Translation services - English and German (the day with the group) negotiable
Execution of documents, except those of the Customs Union (forming the tour, the meeting - the wire at the border crossing, etc. with each person) 30
Organization of three meals a day (per person per night) 20 (negotiable)
Organization of individual and collective hunt from ambush, with the approach from the tower (transport, guiding service) with each hunter for each day of hunting 50
Delivery You. (if needed - for 1 km) 0,3
Transfer from the Russian border to the economy 70
Transfer from the airport Minsk delivery to farms 70
Paperwork for export trophies (trophy list, veterinary certificate, international veterinary certificate) 50
Preparation of trophies (one trophy):     - boar     - deer, elk     - roe 20 35 15
Organization of fishing (includes issuing permits for fishing, organizational maintenance cover, cooking soup of fish caught):     - from the shore, with a rowing boat     - a motor boat on the track 15 30
Russian bath (up to 7 people) 25 (3 часа)

For more on prices of services are listed below in the appropriate section .