Охота, рыбалка и отдых в Беларуссии
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The organisation of rest, fishing and hunting in Belarussii on an elk, a deer, косулю, a wild wild boar, a wolf, a fox, заяца, a wood-grouse, a black grouse, a goose, a duck, a woodcock, etc. Plot and guessings in manor of "Grandmothers Jagi" Belarus

Belarus. Hunting, fishing and rest in manor "Grandmothers Jagi"

There on unknown paths,

Traces of unprecedented animals.

Izba there, on курьих legs.

All in expectation of visitors.

We offer the hunting rounds in the Vilejsky and Smorgonsky hunting economy. Representatives of the hunting grounds in Byelorussia.
To pretexts of service in the best prices without intermediaries and travel companies.

Phone for consultation: the international format +375 33 3142487

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